THP trooper allegedly harassed female truckers

| 7/3/2007

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper who allegedly groped two female truck drivers last year was allowed to continue working for months, then retire with a full pension.

According to The Tennessean, the two truckers say Sgt. Leon King rubbed or fondled them at the Brownsville weigh station.

One of the women said she was taken to a secluded room where King allegedly threatened to write her a ticket, then asked if she would go out on a date with him.

The Tennessean also reports that, according to state records, King had also used his position to make advances toward another woman in 1999.

Two other Tennessee highway patrolmen have recently been in the news on sex-related allegations.

One allegedly groped a married woman after showing up at her house while on duty. The other made international news when a porn star said she performed a sexual favor for the officer in return for not getting busted for drug possession.